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Want to get the facts on all of the issues related to the evaluation of teachers and students? Want to find out some of the details regarding New York State's APPR Legislation and the politics behind it? Explore some of the links below:

The University of Chicago Magazine published an article by Jason Kelly entitled Failed Tests.

Mike Winerip continues to write about the APPR process. If you are not yet familiar with SLOs, this column is a must read! NEW

Ronald Ross, one of our signatories, was just named Interim Superintendent of the Greenburgh Central School District 7. His first Message from the Superintendent is an inspirational read!  NEW

It looks like California's governor has an enlightened understanding of what is needed in schools. NEW

There appears to be recognition among some politicians that DC's teacher evaluation system discourages teachers from working with the most needy students.  NEW

The Atlantic had a good piece about the Finland education system.  NEW

Carol wrote another piece that appeared in the Washington Post Answer Sheet  NEW

A Superintendent Calls School Reformers' Bluff at the Washington Post Answer Sheet.

Matt DiCarlo of the Shanker Institute  wrote an excellent piece on What Value-Added Research Does and Does not Show. A must read!

In a recent interview, Commissioner King discusses the importance of district consolidation and criticizes our APPR Position Paper. 

Diane Ravitch mentions some of the powerful and wealthy interests pushing our current education "reform" movement: Billionaires for Education Reform

A recent Huffington Post piece describes some of the costs associated with NCLB waivers 

Researcher's Brief to Congress on Problems with Value Added  Measures

Different Tests, Different Answers

Value added model of teacher effectiveness
Evaluating Value Added Models for Teacher Accountability

Student Sorting and Bias in Value Added Models

At the Edge: A Survey of NYS School Superintendents on Fiscal Matters
Teachers schools and academic achievement

Is Choice a Panacea? An Analysis of Black Secondary Student Attrition from KIPP, Other Private Charters and Urban Districts
(See document Is Choice a Panacea.pdf in Attachments section)

Sean Feeney,
Oct 29, 2011, 8:02 PM