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21 Apr 2013

Protect our Students' Data
On Monday, the members of the NY Board of Regents are meeting to discuss the state's plan to share highly confidential, personally identifiable student data with the corporation called inBloom, Inc., which plans to share itwith for-profit vendors without parental notification or consent. On Friday, the State Education Commissioner of Louisiana announced he was pulling his state's data out of inBloom because of the privacy concerns.

Please send a message to the Board of Regents today asking them to follow Louisiana's lead! You can get a sample message and all necessary email addressesthrough this link.

Lucy Calkins wants to Hear from You


We have launched a site ( on which teachers, principals and parents can converse about observations and insights from having experienced the new ELA firsthand. This year's test is a window onto what test-makers and policy makers propose for an entire new generation of tests. And those tests (which are still open to major revision) will change the face of curriculum, of schools, of childhood, of reading and of writing. Although some people are probably making you think that you can't talk about the test, the truth is that the people closest to youngsters and most knowledgeable about schooling--you and others like you--must talk about the test. It is easy to do so in ways that don't violate any test-security concerns (don't cite specific test items or passages.)
You are the "researcher" with the most crucial data in hand, and your insights are critical. Details and concrete specifics will help. How long did it take kids to read the directions? Which sections seemed to especially set kids off? What could have helped? What do you think will happen to the teaching of reading if this test sets the pattern for test in the future to come? How will you suggest alter instruction based on what you saw? Will that improve teaching and learning? What are your overall thoughts?
The insights and information here will be shared with test makers and policy leaders. We will monitor the site so that we delete any inadvertent detail writes that isn't considered ok by the state. We'll be adding tech improvements to the site soon.

You need not include your name (and we understand some of you feel that you cannot.) But I encourage you to sign your name as anonymous entries are far less trusted than those written by someone who is willing to 'stand and be counted.' We encourage you to share this with one and all.

Thanks for your engagement on behalf of kids.
Lucy Calkins
Robinson Professor of Literacy, Teachers College
Director, Teachers College Reading and Writing Project

Thanks for your Support!
You a receiving this message because you have supported the New York State Principals' Open Letterregarding the APPR Legislation. 

As always, we thank you for your support and remind you that our work is not done. Please share this email with three colleagues, friends, neighbors or family members and ask them to support our paper!

Thanks for all your support!
Sean and Carol


Principal, The Wheatley School
Old Westbury, NY  11568
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More than a Number Recap

Our panel discussion on April 10th at Hofstra proved to be a tremendous success. Well over 900 folks attended what proved to be an informative and empowering evening of discussion. You can view a video of the event and download handouts and presentation through the following link: More than a Number Link

Education Revolution Conference
Nikhil Goyal is one of the featured speakers at the What Works! — The 10th Annual AERO Conference at CW Post in Brookville, NY on May 23-26. This conference promises to be an exciting opportunity for information and networking. You can learn more about and register for the conference through this link.

Finnish Educational Success
Finish schools have been at the top of the international rankings for many years. What is the Finnish system's formula for success? You are invited to a panel discussion featuring a delegation of educators who toured Finnish schools. Learn their findings and engage in a lively discussion about the educational policies and practices both here and abroad. 

The event, co-sponsored by the LIU-Post College of Education, Information and Technology and the School of Continuing Education, is free and open to the public. It takes place on May 13th at 4:00 pm at LIU-Post, Brookville, NY. You can register through this link.

Give to the One Fund to support those most affected by the tragic events in Boston this month.

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