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13 Nov 2012

New York Principals UPDATE
Thanks for your Support!
You are receiving this message because you have supported the New York State Principals' Open Letter regarding the APPR Legislation. 

As always, we thank you for your support and remind you that our work is not done. Please share this email with three colleagues, friends, neighbors or family members and ask them to support our paper!

Superstorm Sandy and Schools
Many New York State schools were very impacted by Sandy -- especially those in Long Island and parts of New York City. Entire communities have been wiped out by the storm, and many families were without heat and electricity for two weeks. Some district took over two weeks to bring students back to classes.

Schools are meant to be safe places for students. So many schools and communities need your help right now! If you would like to contribute to relief efforts in the greater New York region, please be sure to learn about assistance opportunities through the American Red Cross of New York.

Stop Disclosing Student Information
Class Size Matters is a non-profit organization that has been a tireless advocate for smaller class sizes. This organization is spearheading a petition requesting that NYS block the sharing of confidential student information (including student names, addresses, test scores, grades, attendance, economic status, IEP information and even disciplinary records) with a private corporation that will then share it with for-profit companies.

You can support the efforts of this organization and protect student confidentiality by signing the petition at their web site.

Thanks for all your support!
Sean and Carol


Principal, The Wheatley School
Old Westbury, NY  11568
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Way to Go, Superintendents! 
The Lower Hudson Council of School Superintendents prepared an impressive Discussion Brief on the cost of implementing Race to the Top. Prepared by Dr. Ken Mitchell, an educator with decades of experience at all levels, this document is extremely readable and important. Read it today!
The Answer Sheet
Two terrific articles appeared on the Washington Post Answer Sheet. Carol wrote a piece that debunks the newest rhetoric on school reform.

Lisa Guisbond, a policy analyst for the National Center for Fair and Open Testing (FairTest) wrote about the various revolts against high-stakes standardized testing. Rest assured, the New York Principals are not alone!

My Life in School (Thomas Sobol)

Thomas Sobol is a giant among educators in New York and beyond. A former Commissioner of Education, Dr. Sobol is also a long-time supporter of our letter. At the end of October, I had the pleasure of attending an inaugural lecture in his honor (given by Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond). You can order Dr. Sobol's memoir, My Life in School, through his web site

Dear Dr. King

Tony Sinanis, a father and principal in Long Island, wrote an open letter to Commissioner John King. In a thoughtful manner, Tony begs the commissioner to step back, reflect on the changes that have been implemented in New York State and make necessary adjustments. thank you, Tony!