15 Feb 2013

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High Stakes Decisions with Low Quality Info

Bruce Baker is one of the more thoughtful examiners of the many practices being put in place by the latest wave of education "reformers." Dr. Baker is a professor in the graduate school of education at Rutgers; hisSchoolFinance101 blog is a must read for those who are trying to understand what is happening in our schools.

At the end of January, Dr. Baker and two colleagues released a paper entitled "The Legal Consequences of Mandating High Stakes Decisions Based on Low Quality Information." You can find the paper through this link.Although somewhat lengthy, it is worth the read.

What has a Decade of Testing Produced?

We have been testing our school children for over a decade now, yet we continue to be told that our schools are failing to prepare children. Are these claims built on reality? Two recent articles speak to these very concerns:

We are not perfect, but we are not as bad as we are being portrayed. And a decade of testing has certainly not improved our schools as promised.

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Petition to End High Stakes Testing 
Carol's petition to end high stakes testing has gathered over 10,000 signatures! Read the petition and join the signatories through this link.
Washington Post Answer Sheet

There have been some terrific pieces posted by Valerie Strauss on the Washington Post's Answer Sheet blog. Please check out the following articles:

A Warning to College Profs from a high school teacher Kenneth Bernstein, a recently retired high school English teacher, warns college teachers about what a decade of NCLB testing of children has produced in students.

A Teacher Evaluation System out of Star Wars Carol describes her recent professional development workshop aimed at being Calibrated to Albany's mystery Master Coder. A futile attempt to try to "objectify" lesson observations.

Living in Dialogue

Anthony Cody recently interviewed Joshua Starr for Education Week's Living in Dialogue blog. I wrote about Dr. Starr, the superintendent of Montgomery County Schools, as part of last month's update. Read the interviewthrough this link.